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Esprit D'amour (1983)

HD Phụ đề 98 phút IMDb 6.8

Đạo diễn: Ringo Lam

Diễn viên: Chi-Shing Chan, Philip Chan, Raymond Fung

Thể loại: Tâm Lý - Tình Cảm

Quốc gia: Trung Quốc

Nhà sản xuất: Cinema City Film Productions

Năm sản xuất: 1983

Đánh giá:


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Phụ Đề: Thuyết Minh

A young woman has a tragic accident, slipping on a skateboard and falling off the roof of a tall building. Koo Chi Ming, an insurance investigator, is sent to determine whether the girl's death is an accident or a suicide and he recognizes the young woman from an earlier chance encounter. His boss wants him to conclude it was a suicide so that the insurance company doesn't have to pay. The young woman's ghost visits Koo to tell him that her death was accidental and they fall in love. When Koo's girlfriend and his parents find out he's in love with a spirit, they hire an exorcist to get rid of her.